Zertifizierte GGA / IGP certifiée – What does that mean?


The supplementary designation "GGA / IGP" is the normal abbreviation for the German "Geschützte Geographische Angabe" and the French "Indication Géographique Protegée" (Protected Geographic Declaration). The genuineness of the products marked in this manner is thus protected and guaranteed. An independent certification agency watches that the strict requirements of the special specifications are met.


Bündnerfleisch (dry-cured beef from the Grisons) is the first GGA / IGP to be entered in Switzerland's register of such products. The specifications forming the basis of this entry require, among other things, that all the processing steps and, in particular, also the refinement of the raw materials must take place exclusively in the territory of the Canton of the Grisons. On the other hand, the geographic origin of the raw material is not stipulated. This is sensible for two reasons: Firstly, there is too little raw material in Switzerland to cover demand; for the production of Bündnerfleisch, namely, only the best muscle parts of animals of the bovine species may be used. Through the possibility of using both domestic and foreign raw materials, the final consumers then receive a genuine freedom of choice because on the basis of the declaration on the Bündnerfleisch ready for sale they can then decide which product they will give their preference to.


Bündner­fleisch owes its high reputation and unique character to the natural method of preserving the raw meat: The pieces of muscle, cut to size, are first as always freed from fat and sinews and then rubbed with a mixture of spices before they are arranged compactly in layers in larger containers and "pickled". Then follows the drying phase lasting several months during which the pieces of meat are repeatedly pressed, finally leading to the characteristic rectangular shape. In addition, in the course of maturing, a fine mould forms on the surface which is indispensable for the development of the unique aroma.


Air-drying as the most natural of all methods of preservation involves a loss in weight of between 45 and 55 %. Bündnerfleisch when ready for consumption is thus not only a highly concen­trated, but also a nourishing and easily digestible foodstuff: 100 g of Bündnerfleisch contain on average 40 g of high quality protein and just some 5 g of fats. In addition, it is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and pp (niacin), iron as well as further mine­ral­s and trace ­elements. On account of its easy digestibility, its high satiation value and the good utilisation of the energy supplied in the organism, Bündnerfleisch meets all the prerequisites for a healthy and nutritious foodstuff.


Further information, as well as a list of the producers of guaranteed genuine Bündner­fleisch are available from:

Verband Bündner Fleischfabrikanten, PO Box 516, CH-7002 Chur,

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VBF, December 2000